Inappropriate Laughter In Baltimore City

For my final assignment of the week I decided to complete the mashup assignment Inappropriate Laughter. I used the scene from season 4 when Colvin takes Namond and 2 others to the Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It is an interesting scene from start to finish. In the beginning the kids are all excited to go out and try to act the way they should. Then they realize how much they are out of their comfort zone and go back to their old ways by the time they leave the restaurant. Using youtube to get the scene and the laughing sounds I obtained the stuff I needed to create the movie. Then using windows live movie make I added some laughter to the areas I thought it would fit well to get my final product:


3 stars

2 thoughts on “Inappropriate Laughter In Baltimore City

  1. I think this was awesome, you might have been even more liberal with the laugh track in certain scenes. Like when they look all dejected after the waitress tries to take their order. This is one of the scenes from The Wire that stays with you for a long while after you’ve finished watching the series. It’s a brilliant moment, and the laugh track does an awesome job of highlighting the awkwardness happening here. Nice work.

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