Darwin’s Exceptions

There are some people in the world that really make you question humanity. Some people call them Darwins Exceptions and others just say “You’re doing it wrong.” The title of this assignment is “You’re doing it wrong.” I had to find  a picture of someone doing something that was just absolutely wrong. I witnessed and event that made me think “Did that really just happen?” I chose a similar picture to the event.


Doing it wrong

I was at a gas station and I heard a noise that sounded like something hitting a car. I looked at the car across from the pump I was at and a lady drove away from her pump with the nozzle still in her car. She didn’t rip it off of the pump like in this picture, but she quickly got out of her car and looked so embarrassed. She quickly  put the nozzle back into the pump and drove away. I wanted to laugh so bad but I kept a semi straight face. Once she was gone I cracked up.

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